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09 August 2012 @ 09:55 pm
This verse and its players have now moved to Dreamwidth @ beyondmckinley.
Who? Dave Karofsky and Tommy Kennedy
What? Spousal comfort
When? A couple of days after this
Where? The Karofsky-Kennedy home

It had been a long busy day at work for Tommy, who worked in the office of the Mayor of New York City. There was always something going on that required him to be constantly busy, but it paid well, and helped him and Dave to get their home transformed into the kind of place where they could be ready to bring a baby home. They weren't fabulously wealthy by any means, but they were well enough off to provide a good home for their soon-to-be-born baby, and to make sure that all of his or her needs were met.

But Tommy had honestly been worried lately. Dave hadn't been himself ever since he found out about his friend's illness, and Tommy would never forget the heartbreaking sobs that his husband had cried in his arms that night, and how impossible it was to find a way to comfort him. It was just too much. At their age, they shouldn't have to worry about whether or not a friend was going to die, but Dave was facing that very worry, and it ripped Tommy to pieces not knowing how to make it better.

Still, when he heard his husband's key in the door, he couldn't help the smile that crossed his face, even if there was still worry in his eyes. Meeting Dave at the door, Tommy slipped his arms around his husband's waist and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. "I warmed dinner up for us. We can eat in the living room if you want. How was your day?"
Who: Santana Lopez and Ava Harding
What: Of old faces and scary shocks
Where: Mount Sinai Cancer Clinic
When: Monday morning

It was Ava's third week at this new clinic in New York City and she couldn't be thriving better in her residency is she tried. She was building a patient base for herself, and today, she met three more which meant she built her network of doctors she knew even more of the patients she was joint-managing them with. She was very much not a city girl at heart, and was already missing being so close to the beach and water, but she did have a love for New York she couldn't explain. Life was really content for her right now. New job, new apartment, new wife... it was a place in her life she was never sure she would ever make it to.

Today was particularly busy, though with chemo rounds often starting on a Monday, and the clinic was full. But Ava had just done her rounds, and was about to go on her lunch break that she had a date set up with her beautiful wife who would be meeting her there at the clinic soon. She was a little worried, though, because one of her new patients was having a really bad day with pain and sickness, and she felt bad disappearing from the clinic. The guy was a sweetheart, though, and his poor husband was holding it all together the best he could. It touched Ava's heart and she told the nurse to page her ASAP if anything took more of a turn for the worse. The guy had a bad history with the chemo and there was always the option they might need to admit him through the chemo rounds. He had to be closely monitored.

She was just signing off some medication orders at the nurses' station when she saw Santana step out of the elevator up the hall and smiled. "Well, you're a sight for sore eyes, gorgeous," she told her as she approached and closed over the file she was working in.
Who: Dave Karofsky and Kurt Hummel-Anderson
What: Bittersweet reunion
Where: Hummel-Anderson Home
When: About a week after THIS

Nate had made good on his promise and apparently spoke to Kurt's dad about Dave visiting him at some point. There hadn't been any hesitation, and Mr Hummel even said it would be good for Kurt, so he happily told Nate to pass on the message for Dave to drop by... only with the added disclaimer that Kurt might not be up for visitors at any one time. It would just be a matter of playing it by ear. In fact, this was the second time Dave had dropped by. Two days prior, Mrs Hummel had answered the door and even though she was lovely, had to reluctantly tell Dave that Kurt was just having too much of a bad day to see anyone.

He hadn't even been expecting to see Kurt today, and of course, he wouldn't have minded if he had to keep trying for months on end. He would wait as long as it took. But today, Mrs Hummel actually invited Dave in and seemed a little surprised he had even come back. Kurt was in bed, but he was awake and after checking with him that he was okay for a visitor, she directed Dave to the bedroom. He just knocked softly when he appeared at the door, and it hit him all over again the reality and enormity of the situation.

Kurt was sick. Very, very sick, and Dave could feel himself tearing up again. The only thing that probably stopped him breaking down again was the fact Blaine was in the bed beside Kurt and sleeping. That alone was enough to illustrate how serious this was. It was the middle of the day, and their life had probably come to just functioning around Kurt's illness, taking each minute as it came. "Kurt, I... I just... I'm so sorry."
Who: Mike Chang and Blaine Anderson
What: You've got a friend in need
Where: Kurt & Blaine's
When: Monday afternoon

Mike tiptoed quietly up the hall of Kurt and Blaine's apartment which was surrounded by boxes being packed for their move to Scarsdale. Quinn had just let him in, but Blaine was expecting him anyway, so she just directed him to the master bedroom. The door was ajar, so he knocked softly and heard a soft, "It's open," coming from within. He pushed the door open with a small smile of greeting and found Blaine leant over a sleeping Kurt as he threaded Kurt's arm slowly and carefully into a soft cardigan.

"Hey, dude," he greeted Blaine, hovering a little by the door. "If this is a bad time, I can come. Just wanted to drop by and see how you were holding up or if you needed help with anything. I can test out these new nursing skills I've been learning. I'm also a pretty decent cook and excellent at laundry. Really, man, if you need help with anything, point me in the right direction. Or I can just keep you company for awhile. How are you guys doing? It must feel a lot better for him being home in his own bed."
Who: Dave Karofsky and Nathan Durham-Smyth
What: Good and bad news
Where: LGBT Community Center, Christopher Street, NYC
When: Afternoon after THIS

It had to be close to three years since Dave last stepped through these doors, and he actually paused for a moment to look up at the sign above and remembered the first time he had walked through them. Newly graduated from high school, newly escaped from the stifling and fearful confines of Lima, Ohio... he had been grateful to make it out alive, but still so scared, lost, and fighting a hard battle of recovery that he finally found the balls to seek the help he needed to make it through.

It had taken a lot of counselling in his early college days to get to a place he was content within himself, and finally began to live his life out of the closet. It was easier in New York, but Dave still had a lot of demons and guilt to fight. He honestly wasn't sure where he would be today without the help of his center, and the support he had found here, but now life had taken a much happier turn for him, he knew it was time to come back and reconnect to the guy who helped him above and beyond all else.

He knocked softly on the door of the small office and shot Nathan a grin. "I can't believe you still haven't done anything about the décor in this place. I at least expected some new drapes," he joked.
Who: Daniel Stewart and Nathan Durham-Smyth
What: Denial is just a river blah fucking blah
Where: Daniel's apartment, Upper East Side
When: Following THIS and THIS
Rating: I vote we get rid of this rating thing, we're all old and have dirty minds anyway ;)

As Andrew had discovered in a haze of nightshift brain shock, Daniel had a lot of money. Considering he was the heir of a multi-millionaire and the owner of a mult-million dollar corporation, he wasn't living from paycheck to paycheck by any means. In fact, he didn't have to work, he just wanted to and needed to, because other than his job, his mom, and his friends, his life felt pretty empty otherwise. But his Upper East Side apartment just a couple of blocks walk from work was... opulent. The apartment block had a lobby with marble floors and extravagant flower arrangments manned by a Conceirge and receptionist. There was a swimming pool on the lower floors with a gym. It was the whole deal. Daniel lived on one of the upper floors with views of the city with lots of floor to ceiling windows, polished floors, glass and modern things. It had four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a theatre room, a huge kitchen, a formal dining room and a balcony. This was how he grew up in this lifestyle, so he was used to it, but he mostly didn't live the life of a millionaire by any means, so no one but those who were aware of it would assume it as his lifestyle.

He knew Andrew had been 100% stunned to discover that Daniel had this lifestyle and still chose to work as a nurse, but it was what it was, and despite his bank balances, Daniel still had the ability to get embarrassingly sick like anyone else. Daniel was lying on one of his huge plush sofas in his living room when he heard his front door unlock, open and close in the apartment distance without a knock. He was lying there in a mound of covers with a manual IV line in his arm feeding him fluids from a bag hanging off the top of the lamp beside the sofa, courtesy of Andrew and there was a strategically placed bucket on the floor beside him.

When Nate came into the room (it was no lie, he had a key to Daniel's apartment), Daniel just looked over at him tiredly. "I can't believe you let me talk you in a twist of delusion for so long. You're off your game with the fucked up hand, aren't you?" he asked and then gestured to the matching sofa across the large room where Andrew was crashed out on his stomach, feet hooked over the arm rest and arm hanging over the side. His breathing was so heavy and deep, Daniel knew he was so out he wouldn't hear a word Daniel and Nate said. "Fucking bastard and his fucking immaculate bedside manner, and ripped fucking body with ink and piercings..."
Who: Chris Smyth and Nathan Durham-Smyth
What: Times changing
Where: Strip House, NYC
When: Monday evening
Rating: Child friendly

Chris' day at work was long and hectic, and now that it was dinner time, he was absolutely ravenous. They had placed their order and he relaxed in his chair at the restaurant table, stretching his back which was a little stiff and sore form being bent over evidence files all day on his latest case. It was one of those days he spent mostly at his desk, and whilst they weren't his favourite way to pass the work day, it was still a hell of a case with a lot of twists and turns, and the day was over before he knew it.

He shot Nate a smile over the table and took a drink from his beer. "You okay, babe? How was your day?" he asked. It wasn't foreign for them by any means to have dinner together and have a conversation over a meal. Chris didn't always work evenings, so whenever he didn't, they made a point of eating together. It was the god's honest truth that to keep a marriage functioning and happy, you needed to work at it, and that meant communicating and spending as much time together as you could, despite having busy lives.
Who: Andrew Pearson and Daniel Stewart
What: Doctors and nurses...
Where: Emergency Room, Mount Sinai Hospital
When: Tuesday morning
Rating: Probably mostly innocentish, considering circumstances

Andrew was just at the tail end of a nightshift and the lethargy was setting in heavily. Everything seemed to take so much more effort lately, and whilst he could run on adrenaline (and caffeine) for a shift at work, damn did he feel it when it was over. He was at least relieved he had finally gotten Kurt discharged so he could be home with Blaine and his family for his birthday. They had invited Andrew around, but Andrew had politely declined, with a very doctorly reminder that Kurt was on early discharge and still needed to be on strict bed rest... which could be stretched to the sofa for a little while for his birthday. He had seen both Kurt and Blaine really smile for the first time in months, and that alone was worth it.

But now he had a few days rostered off and he was planning on just sleeping the entire time. He didn't want to face the world, he just wanted to hole up in his apartment, which was painfully quiet an empty without Sam, and sleep the hours away in hopes he might feel better when he woke up. It was probably wishful thinking, but at least he could hope. He was just standing at the Nurses' Station writing some final notes after giving handover to the morning staff when he glanced up and found Daniel heading over to the desk.

Okay, this could be awkward, but Andrew didn't want his workplace to be awkward when it was the only thing keeping him sane and away from the bottom of a bottle right now. He wet his lips, pen paused on the progress note he was working on. "Morning, dude," he greeted him and then signed his name with a flourish at the bottom of the page. He signed his name so damn much these days, he had a cheesy flourish to it. But he was just putting his pen back into the pocket of his labcoat when he did a slight double-take at Daniel, who was standing there looking a bit like a zombie. "Hey, are you okay? You don't look so hot."
Who: Abigail Pearson, Kurt Hummel-Anderson and Pete Smyth
What: Promised introductions
Where: Oncology Ward, Mount Sinai Hospital
When: Simultaneous to THIS
Rating: Could be swearing

They had just started dating, but Abigail couldn't deny the fact that recent events had made it difficult for her and Pete to really get much of a momentum on things. At the closure of their first date, they had at least agreed there should be a second, so that was something. But then Andrew went and sent the shit hitting the fan in his life, and because he was her twin, Abigail dropped all her own priorities to make sure he was taken care of. Between the time she discovered him trashed in the wake of breaking up with Sam and when she drove him to New Jersey to stay a couple of days with their parents to dry out a little, Abigail had spent every moment not at work trying to peel Andrew up from his ball of misery he had sunk into so dating had to well and truly take a backseat.

But Andrew was back from Jersey now after three days sick leave and he was heading onto a nightshift after swapping the evening so Abi could go to an AA meeting with him. He was more subdued coming back from Jersey, and not saying a whole lot, but he did swear to her he was going to do with it took to fight this again. She knew he was still miserable, missing Sam and lonely, but work was the best distraction for him. He didn't speak at the AA meeting, so it was probably going to even take some time there for him to pick himself up. As soon as she knew he was heading back to work, though, Abi called Pete and arranged for him to meet her at the Oncology ward so she could - as promised - introduce him to Kurt so he could try to wrap his head around what Sebastian was struggling with seeing.

She smiled as she saw Pete coming up the corridor of the ward where she was leaning against the wall across from Kurt's room waiting for him to arrive. She touched his arm gently when he came looking understandably worried about this. "It will be okay. Just remember, under the exterior, it's still Kurt and he's a lovely guy. You'll see. I promise." With a nod for emphasis, she led him over to Kurt's room and softly knocked on the door. Blaine was asleep in the recliner chair beside Kurt's bed, his hand wrapped around Kurt's as he slept, while Kurt was just lying there watching his husband sleep. He looked so weak, pale and fragile wrapped up in a chenille blanket Blaine had brought for him from home and ski hat covering his bare head. "Kurt, honey? There's someone I just wanted you to meet, if that's okay. This is Pete... he's Sebastian's oldest brother."
27 May 2012 @ 01:38 am
Who: Daniel Stewart, Nathan Durham-Smyth and Andrew Pearson (posting order)
What: That awkard moment where BFFs seem psychic...
Where: Emergency Room, Mount Sinai Medical Center
When: About three days after THIS and THIS
Rating: It may turn not innocent, who knows

The ER went from being in a bit of a lull to crazy hectic just over the course of Daniel's dinner break. He was working the evening shift that day, and it seemed like it was going to be one of those times where all the cases came out of the woodwork as the evening wore on. It was always the case with the weekend. In fact, he agreed to cut his break ten minutes short just so he could help ply through the initial triage rush of new patient cases.

The triage nurse intercepted him at the Nurses' Station and shoved a file into his hand, looking slightly harassed and trying to tuck some loose strands of her red hair back under her surgical cap. "Bay Eight, a bit of a messy cut hand. Patient's got it elevated. The doc's just held up with a puker in Four, so he'll be a few minutes. His first case of the night, poor dude. He asked if you can clean the hand up a bit so he can see the wound," she reeled off and Daniel just took the file with a nod before she was already hurrying off to her next intake.

Daniel was just approaching Bay Eight as flipped to the patient's front sheet to see the name and age to analyse how he should address them and his eyes widened in surprise. He yanked the curtain back from around the bay, eyebrows shooting up. "Nate? What the hell?!"
Who? Noah Puckerman, Vanessa Lewis, and Andrew Pearson
What? Friendly commiseration?
When? Saturday night, the day after Louise goes back to Ohio
Where? Andy's apartment
Rating: Probably high

It seemed to be the week for people ending majorly serious relationships, between Sam leaving New York (why, Puck had no idea) and ending his engagement to Andrew, and Louise taking Junior... the child who carried Puck's name, regardless of not carrying his blood... and going back to Ohio. If he were honest, Puck wondered what the fuck was going on in the world, when everyone who seemed to finally be finding their feet was having the floor ripped out from under him.

It was that thought process that landed him on Andrew's front step, seeking out some commiseration, and possibly a buddy for a drink or two... or five. If anybody could feel Puck's pain here, it was Andy, and the fact was both of them could probably use somebody to talk to. Despite everything else going on, there was a huge part of Puck that was really worried about Andrew, too. There was far more going on than any one single thing, and Puck knew it. There was the whole situation with Sam for Andrew, and Louise for him. Then there was the fact that Puck's best friend's husband, also known as Andrews former lover, was extremely sick with cancer, and there was no way of knowing what was coming next.

It was all too much, and Puck could seriously go for some time with the guy he'd come to be friends with over the year or so they'd known each other. And if he wasn't mistaken, he was pretty damn sure Andy needed it, too.

After a moment of shifting awkwardly on the step, Puck pressed the button to buzz up to Andy's apartment. He heard Andrew's voice through the box, and told him who it was, waiting quietly until he was buzzed up. Moments later, he was standing outside the doctor's apartment door, swallowing hard against the onslaught of tears that so wanted to come out.
Who: Abigail Pearson and Andrew Pearson
What: And I threw it all away
Where: Andrew's apartment
When: Follows THIS and THIS
Rating: Could be high

Abigail felt really guilty about asking Pete for his help to track Andrew down and get him home safely, only to abruptly tell him to leave when they got to Andrew's apartment and she saw the complete state of devastation everything was in. It was a disaster area, and there were empty booze bottles strewn all over the place, not to mention the book case toppled over in the middle of the living room with books, picture frames and other items smashed underneath it. She had been stunned and didn't know how to cope. All she knew was that Andrew didn't need an audience for it, nor did he need to know right then that Abigail was dating Pete. That was an introduction that was going to have to wait.

It was not the afternoon after the horrific night before and after hearing Andrew's hangover making him violently ill in the bathroom up the hall, followed by him stumbling back to his bedroom, she finally went through to him with a large bottle of a Pedialite and Gatorade concoction she had mixed up the night before when she saw how much he had trashed himself... and not just on booze, but she could smell stale marijuana and cigarettes on him too.

That wasn't the worst part, though. It had been when she was cleaning up the catastrophic mess in his living room that she came across a USB stick with Sam's name on it. She probably shouldn't have snooped, but considering the fact Sam had apparently left her twin without any warning and Andrew had trashed himself into a stupor, she needed to try and find out what went wrong. Nothing really could have prepared her for what she saw, nor what she read in a letter from Sam she found torn in half under the coffee table. In the blink of an eye, her brother had thrown everything good away and she had no idea why.

She entered his bedroom and set the bottle down on his nightstand. "You cheated on him."
Who: Holly Holliday and Cameron Rushton
What: Long overdue arrival
Where: Maternity Unit, Mount Sinai
When: Sunday morning
Rating: Swearing

Holly knew she was pregnant. How could she not? She’d been carrying their baby for a while now. Nine months and twenty-seven days. She had honestly thought she’d wind up doing a Jessica Simpson and be pregnant for twelve months, but thankfully the bundle of joy had decided to come right before the ten month mark.

So Holly had no idea why for the hours preceding the actual birth she’d tried to act like she wasn’t pregnant. When the contractions came she’d been walking around trying to pretend they weren’t happening. Trying to pretend that there wasn’t a tiny life she and Cam had created trying to get out.

She was also fairly certain that it had something to do with the fact that she was scared about what it would mean for Kurt. After their chat, it just seemed strange that the baby was coming. Like maybe it knew Kurt’s time was close. That it wanted to meet him first.

These were all the things flashing through her mind even on the ride to the hospital, even as the nurses were trying to coach her to breathe...Collapse )

Who: Sebastian Smyth and Nathan Durham-Smyth
What: Just a little bit of intervention
Where: Chris & Nate's place
When: After THIS
Rating: Could be highish.

After Sebastian accidentally got a bit overemotional with Chris and accidentally broke down in front of his big brother when the whole Kurt and Blaine thing felt like it exploded his brain, Chris insisted both he and Jeremy come to stay with him and his husband, Nate, for a few days so he could do the big brother thing and take care of him. Sure, Sebastian inevitably protested and only agreed when Chris said it would be better for Jeremy. The guilt set in then, that maybe he hadn't been looking after his twin well enough, so he gave in. He always gave in when it came to Jeremy.

Now he found himself sitting at the kitchen table while Nathan made tea in a few paces away. Jeremy had been there a few minutes before, but after nearly faceplanting the tabletop falling asleep with his head propped up on his hand, he decided to get an early night. Sebastian was exhausted himself. He basically cried the whole day before, which was seriously uncharacteristic for him. His eyes were sore, he had a headache, and felt a bit like he was coming down with something, but it was probably just stress.

But with Chris at work, he didn't want to be rude and just abandon Nate after he offered him tea. So he sat there at the table with his arms crossed just staring at the top of the latest Vogue lying there without really taking in what was on the cover. All he could think about was Kurt lying there looking beyond ill in that hospital bed laced with wires and tubes, totally unconscious. He could die, and that was seriously fucking with Sebastian's head.
02 May 2012 @ 07:40 pm
Who: Kurt Hummel-Anderson and Tina Cohen-Chang
What: Long time, no see
Where: Medical Oncology Ward, Mount Sinai Medical Center
When: Simultaneous to Blaine and Puck's trip home from the house viewing
Rating: Probably innocent-ish

When his doctors offered him sedation in the wake of the re-start of his chemo, there was no way Kurt was turning it down. During the doses and just after them were the worst, and he didn't want to try and play the hero to just deal with it. He did that in the early days, and paid for it, caused Blaine stress, and suffered because of it. He had come to the point now if they were offering medication, he was taking it. They were offering it for a reason, and it had been a hard, hard lesson for him to learn to set his pride aside and concede to being a sick person.

But he was awake again now, and even though they offered him a top-up, he turned it down this time because it wouldn't be too long before Blaine came back from viewing the house in Scarsdale and Kurt just missed him. It was strange to miss someone who was with you every day, but Kurt slept so much during the chemo rounds that it was like he wasn't even there most of the time. He was aware of visitors coming and going all the time, aware that as he drifted in and out of sleep, people were sitting with him, holding his hand, touching him, making sure he was comfortable.

When he woke up slowly this time he rubbed a hand over his face and rubbed at his eyes. He pushed the blanket away from his arms where someone had tucked him in too, hating how it brushed over his chemo-sensitive skin. When he finished restlessly and weakly nudging it down to his lap with the heel of his hand with a small moan of frustration that even that small movement felt like hew as trying to drag a double-decker bus off his arm, he slumped against the pillows again, eyes slipping closed for a moment. But when he opened then again, someone was standing... no, hovering uncertainly... in the doorway of his hospital room.

He lifted his head slowly, mouth dropping open. "Tina?"
Who: Blaine Hummel-Anderson and Noah Puckerman
What: A house to call home?
Where: HERE at Scarsdale, Westchester
When: Monday afternoon
Rating: Probably not very innocent

They had pulled up in front of the Tudor-style house a good fifteen minutes ago but Blaine hadn't plucked up the courage yet to go into it. The estate agent was wonderful, assuring him he could take all the time he needed because he was the last viewing for the day. Obviously, she would still get paid by the hour no matter how long he took. Blaine sat in the passenger's seat of the car parked in the drive, just staring at the beautiful house in front of them that Kurt had fallen in love with. His line of sight only broke so he could glance vulnerably at Puck in the driver's seat beside him before he was back to just staring at the house.

After their brief chat on Facebook followed by a talk at the hospital about this whole moving business, Blaine knew he had no choice but to come see the house, and he promised Kurt he would. As it was, Kurt was so ill after this latest round of chemo that when the doctors offered him sleeping pills, he took them without protest. He was back in the City sedated so he could sleep through the pain, and here Blaine was with Puck viewing the house Kurt had fallen in love with from one picture.

Blaine tried to fight back the urge to cry because it was daunting and he wrung his hands in his lap near where he still had his seatbelt buckled. "He said he's so tired, he just wants peace. Somewhere he can sit outside in the fresh air or open a window and hear birds."
Who? Abigail Pearson and Pete Smyth
What? First date
When? Friday night
Where? Viand Coffee Shop, Upper East Side
Rating: Who knows? Probably relatively tame

Having two gay brothers, one of whom was quite the bitch queen, had instilled in Pete from early on a very serious sense of fashion, and it had taken him ages to settle on an outfit he deemed suitable for his date with Abi. On one hand, they were just going for coffee, so dressing too nicely might be seen as trying too hard, and that wasn't a good look for anyone. On the other hand, he didn't want to come across as not caring about his appearance at all, either. Ordinarily, he probably would've demanded Sebastian pick his outfit for him, but with Jez still not quite 100% after his surgery, Seb was sticking close to the dorm room to keep an eye on the youngest Smyth brother.

As it was, he ended up picking a nice pair of gray slacks and his favorite button-down, sans tie, because seriously, that would've been pushing it, and holy fuck, how was he not born gay?

But after the ridiculous level of turmoil about his choice of clothing, Pete finally left his apartment, heading down to meet Abi at the nearest subway stop.Collapse )
Who: Cooper Anderson and Blaine Hummel-Anderson (plus a cameo from Kurt Hummel-Anderson)
What: Picking up the pieces
Where: Hummel-Anderson-Fabray Home
When: Day after THIS
Rating: PG

Blaine hadn't been awake very long, and it had taken time for him to swim through the hazy aftermath of a complete and utter love-fest with bottles of black label vodka and twenty-five year old scotch with some leftover tequila to complete the cocktail. He had been unconscious for over twenty-four hours now, and was finally started to struggle his way back to sobriety. When Cooper came back into Blaine and Kurt's bedroom, he found Blaine sort of half sat up in the bed looking like death warmed over and dry heaving into the red bucket he was nursing with both arms wrapped around it like a desperate hug. It was pained and it looked awkward, and Cooper's heart just went out to his baby brother all over again.

He came over to the bed and sat down beside Blaine. "The dry heaves are the worst, kiddo. But you've got nothing left in you to get out. Trust me, I know. I witnessed The Exorcist routine for hours on end last night. Here, I've got some Tylenol for you. It's the liquid kind so you don't have to try and stuff pills down your throat, which has seriously got to be hurting like a bitch after the puking you've been doing." Cooper held out a little medicine cup with some bright red liquid in it and handed Blaine a cool damp cloth to wipe his face. He remembered back when Blaine was still in school after their reunion, Kurt had coached him on nice things you could do when taking care of a sick person so Cooper could help Blaine through a migraine. This one thing, he had never forgotten.

Blaine pulled his head out of the bucket and looked groggily back at Cooper through squinted eyes...Collapse )

Who: Chris Smyth and Nathan Durham-Smyth
What: Responding to a Batcall
Where: Hummel-Anderson-Fabray residence
When: After THIS
Rating: Probably high

Chris stood hovering near the doorway of the extremely trendily decorated living room (within the extremely trendily decorated apartment) and scratched wryly at his temple as he listened to Blaine totally and utterly puking his guts up in the bathroom just up the hall. It was epic. Maybe even beyond epic. The kid was going for gold in there and Chris really did not envy the hangover that had set in with a vengeance. He pointed behind him with his thumb. "A pint of black label vodka mixed with scotch and a few hits of tequila will do to a guy."

The Batcall had come from Cooper. He had thought Blaine was home with friends resting between sitting vigils at Kurt's bedside, but somehow the guy managed to slip through the babysitting cracks and had the apartment to himself. Cooper got a call from Mercedes Jones saying he should probably get around there, and stat, and he arrived to find Blaine trashed and unconscious face down on the bed with empty booze bottles around him. That was when Cooper panicked that Blaine had tried to hurt himself, or was boozing to this level for all the wrong reasons and called Chris to get to Nate, who was a counsellor. That was how Cooper and Nate came to be in Kurt and Blaine's living room while Cooper was in the bathroom with Blaine making sure he didn't smash his head on the toilet bowl. It was beyond a mess.

With Blaine's friends (Mercedes and a dude called Puck) gone in favour of Cooper taking over, Chris and Nate had arrived to help, but Blaine was just in too much of a mess to get to him. He was still drunk and out of it, but the hangover was hitting him like a freight train. Chris could hear Cooper trying to talk to Blaine, but it was just impossible. That was when they heard Blaine apparently breakdown in tears, and Nathan literally winced at the sound and Chris watched him in concern. "Babe, I know you wanna help. I can see the look in your eyes. We just need to wait."