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Beyond McKinley

a GLEE college verse rpg

a GLEE college verse rpg
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Welcome to beyondmckinley
a GLEE college verse rpg

Ever wondered what the kids of Glee might get up to when their time at McKinley High has come to an end? Yes, so did we. Set beneath the bright lights of New York City, we kick off to discover that Kurt Hummel and his adorable fag hag, Quinn Fabray, left Lima and McKinley behind for much greener pastures after both being accepted to colleges in the Big Apple. However, New York is a big place, and it has none other than the elusive Broadway boards yearned for by many a Glee member over the years. They will cross paths with their old high school counterparts.

The question is who... and how?

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To follow our game, please watch beyondmckinley and beyonddotcom

This is post-canon GLEE RPG. We are in no way affiliated to the TV show GLEE, which belongs to creator Ryan Murphy and Fox. All canon characters portrayed in this game belong to their creators. No profit is being made. For fun purposes only.
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